Anime can cause an effect to people.


People can be a hikikomori (people choose to withdraw from social life) if they watch too much anime. .

Netflix says more than 100.


Photoshop has affected society in both a negative and positive light. According to Diana (2021) anime-watching is mostly a pastime activity. Academic B.

In this paper, we cover every aspect of films with positive and negative effects, Focus on the particular field like youth, society, economy and politics.

The positive effects of Anime Addiction to students A. . .

After all, teens and young adults are anime’s main audiences. Furthermore, the answer to whether anime can influence or affect people is entirely up to an individual.

Overall, qualities like these demonstrate the power that Japanese anime and manga have to reveal complex inner feelings that members of the Japanese society harbors.


”. The objectives of this study are the following: 1.

. Literally, it means “your home” or “you” in formal terms.

In a negative sense, it’s created a culture of unrealistic perfection that does not exist.
Being an Otaku has its positive and negative effects.


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”. The only negative effect is how bad Netflix does when they try to make an original anime. Anime’s design choices seek to leverage these differences.

It’s scrutinized, criticized, belittled, downplayed, and even misrepresented on purpose. 2 days ago · However, these results also carry the risk of harm, including possible negative effects of inaccurate predictions, violations of privacy, stigma and genomic discrimination, raising serious ethical. . delays in social. After all, teens and young adults are anime’s main audiences. ”.

Many individuals are drawn to anime because they can empathize with what the writers and illustrators are telling their audience.

Relevant: The Psychological Effects Of Anime, And How Fans Are Impacted. In order to avoid those negative impaction, parents should pay more attention to the family education, and teach their children to realize applying the violent behaviors they have seen on-screen will cause harmful effects on society, like David Walsh states in NIMF, “if parent are responsible for caring for their children, then our definition of caring has to keep pace.

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Netflix says more than 100.


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enthusiastically embracing anime under the pretext of deepening the Japanese language and culture, but there are also issues of the influence of social disorders as a result of the emergence of anime.