Shielded isolation transformer offers 100% isolation from the input AC line, to protect against electric shock.

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Isolating transformers.

Gemini - 1ph 4-40KVA static digitally controlled. . encapsulated industrial EN61558.


09. Of phases: Single Power (VA): 200 Primary voltage Up (V): 230,400 Secondary voltage Us (V): 12-24. Replacement for CZJUTAI Safety Isolating Transformer IP20 JT-240V0450 24V 450mA.

Safety isolating transformer that conforms to EN 60601-1 and is. IP20 Type RDS Compact single-phase safety isolating transformer designed for 35mm DIN-rail mounting.

Safety isolating transformer rated power: 30 VA – 8000 VA.

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Safety isolating transformer that conforms to EN 60601-1 and is suitable for medical equipment (According to the Medical Products Law).

SW - 1ph isolating & safety - isolating transformers for construction sites (IP20.


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03. The supply voltage can be transformed to a different value at the same time; When the transformer is incorporated in an electrical control panel as a component of a circuit/configuration. . . 3-phase vario autotransformers, IP20. power grid) is required for protective purposes.


Separate. SKU: ATO-T-DG1KVA.

PTC fuse.

Safety isolating transformer, IP20 Type FR-PS Single-phase safety isolating transformer desig-ned and tested according to EN61558-2-6.

TR26 IP20/00 Single-phase transformers; TR26H Single-phase transformers;.

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Customizable 1 kVA isolation transformer is a single phase transformer with lower cost, step up or step down the AC voltage between 240 volt and 120 volt, optional enameled copper wire or aluminum wire.